Phocus! DOF calculator for iPhone

Depth of Field brings more drama and impact to your photographs. You probably know that wider aperture is, shallower depth of field will be.

Unfortunately, formula to calculate DoF is not a trivial one. Unless you’re big brainer – you need some sort of calculator when you want to tell how much space do I have?

And here comes Phocus! app for iPhone and iPod Touch – turn the wheels and read DoF instantly. Calculation of Depth of Field was never so easy before.

Phocus! DoF calculator

Never loose phocus on subject

What it is?

Phocus! is a simple to use depth of field calculator. Whether you are passionate digital photographer or professional, Phocus! does the job.

Turn the wheels to select aperture, focal length and distance to subject. Phocus! shows where depth of field starts, ends, its depth and hyperfocal length.

You’ll love Phocus! because:

Accepts and displays distance in meters and feet. Fits whole world.
Easy to use rotating wheel interface gives instant feedback.
Can be configured for various camera types, not limited to digital, but including medium and large format film and digital backs (Phase One and Leaf).